Granby 8 Scarf Boutique is dedicated to bringing trendy styles in the most classic form. The love of scarves started when I finally got my mother to give me her scarves from her teenage years. It took a long time, but she finally let them go. These scarves enhanced every outfit I wore. They shaped my idea of dressing and accessorizing. There was a time when you would never see me without a scarf. Then, there was a time when you couldn't catch me with a scarf. To me, if it wasn't from my scarf line then I wouldn't wear it. This journey started 5 years ago. I hung out with a group of entrepreneurs and decided to start my scarf line. I was so motivated and discouraged at the same time. Since then, I traveled to many countries. Embracing many styles and designs from different cultures, which motivated me to push forward with living my dream. Ever since I stamped this launch date, this journey has been the best thing I've ever done. From designing the scarves on my computer, to the photo shoot, and receiving the shipment at my front door. Every step has been a contribution to my character, drive, and creative output. I am thankful of my supporters and new friends. I hope everyone loves their new scarf, pins, and bags. Granby 8 Love!!

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