Quarantine and Business

This pandemic is slowing down business, but it's not stopping the creation. I've made final decisions on 2 men's scarves, and 3 fall/winter scarves for women. Originally, the plan was to release those 5 scarves this coming October on my business anniversary; however, I will wait until we are able to go outside again. Also, I am planning to sell on other platforms. Putting my business in someone else's hands is scary, but I'll get more exposure. Although I am a little worried, I am open to take the risk. Little risk, little reward. Big risk, big reward. Pausing on my new order is necessary since I fulfilled an scarf order on April 30th, shipping to the UK, and it has yet to be delivered. That was only $40, I couldn't imagine having thousands of dollars worth of product held up in customs. Of course, I refunded the money, but the tracking system concerns me. Orders within the USA until further notice. I am taking this obstacle one day at a time. When I started this journey, I vowed to pace myself and not get anxious about hitting these super high goals I had in mind. This business is passive income. Me fulfilling my dream and not forcing negative stress on a great accomplishment/journey. This slow start the Granby 8 will make an even better story once I take off. Until next time..........Love, Peace & Granby 8

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