Granby 8 Takes Magic, Las Vegas

My Magic experience was amazing!! I have my own brand so my main focus was the Sourcing event. However, since I want to learn as much as I can, I decided to pay the $500 to visit the exhibits and experience how other brands advertise their merchandise. I gained so much knowledge just by networking, sightseeing, and sitting in on the seminars. I was able to find 4 potential manufactures. I collected contact information, material specifics, and took pictures of items that interest me. This was the best part. I love speaking with potential partners to learn about the persons I plan to do business with. Also, I like to feel the actual material. The fabric makes a huge impression, so I would like to make sure I am providing a product I absolutely love. As I walked through the exhibits, I learned a lot about other brands, as well as, the future of my brand. First, I love that I have a narrow focus on a particular item. I want to make sure my details are distinctive to my brand. Second, I appreciate the variety of style the fashion world has to offer. I am even more confident in my product. I feel like I really found a niche to stick with. Last, networking with others will always build you as a person and brand. One should not be scared to share information and help others. What is for you is will be for you. Pouring into others will always help you.......Granby 8 is taking steps to becoming a brand known for distinctive style and quality. 


Changing Outfits, One Scarf At A Time. 

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